This page lists a wide variety of different City of London organizations. Click through to access each organization’s website and calendar.

Livery Companies

Actuaries’ Company
Air Pilots’ Company
Apothecaries’ Society
Arbitrators’ Company
Architects, Chartered Accountants’ Company
Armourers & Brasiers’ Company
Arts Scholars’ Company
Bakers’ Company
Barbers’ Company
Basketmakers’ Company
Blacksmiths’ Company
Bowyers’ Company
Brewers’ Company
Broderers’ Company
Builders Merchants’ Company
Butchers’ Company
Carmen’s Company
Carpenters’ Company
Chartered Secretaries & Administrators’ Company
Chartered Surveyors’ Company
Clockmakers’ Company
Clothworkers’ Company
Coachmakers’ Company
Constructors’ Company
Cooks’ Company
Coopers’ Company
Cordwainers’ Company
Curriers’ Company
Cutlers’ Company
Distillers’ Company
Drapers’ Compan
Dyers’ Company
Educators’ Company
Engineers’ Company
Environmental Cleaners’ Company
Fan Makers’ Company
Farmers’ Company
Farriers’ Company
Feltmakers’ Company
Firefighters’ Company
Fishmongers’ Compan
Fletchers’ Company
Founders’ Company
Framework Knitters’ Company
Fruiterers’ Company
Fuellers’ Company
Furniture Makers’ Company
Gardeners’ Company
Girdlers’ Company
Glass Sellers’ Company
Glaziers’ Company
Glovers’ Company
Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers’ Company
Goldsmiths’ Compan
Grocers’ Compan
Gunmakers’ Company
Haberdashers’ Compan
Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Company
Horners’ Company
Information Technologists’ Company
Innholders’ Company
Insurers’ Company
International Bankers’ Company
Ironmongers’ Company
Joiners’ Company
Launderers’ Company
Leathersellers’ Company
Lightmongers’ Company
Livery Committee
Loriners’ Company
Makers of Playing Cards Company
Management Consultants’ Company
Marketors’ Company
Masons’ Company
Master Mariners’ Company
Mercers’ Compan
Merchant Taylors’ Compan
Musicians’ Company
Needlemakers’ Company
Painter-Stainers’ Company
Parish Clerks’ Company
Pattenmakers’ Company
Paviors’ Company
Pewterers’ Company
Plaisterers’ Company
Plumbers’ Company
Poulters’ Company
Saddlers’ Company
Salters’ Compan
Scientific Instrument Makers’ Company
Scriveners’ Company
Security Professionals’ Company
Shipwrights’ Company
Skinners’ Compan
Solicitors’ Company
Spectacle Makers’ Company
Stationers & Newspaper Makers’ Company
Tallow Chandlers’ Company
Tax Advisers’ Company
Tin Plate Workers’ alias Wire Workers’ Company
Tobacco Pipe Makers’ Company
Turners’ Company
Tylers & Bricklayers’ Company
Upholders’ Company
Vintners’ Company
Water Conservators’ Company
Watermen & Lightermen’s Company
Wax Chandlers’ Company
Weavers’ Company
Wheelwrights’ Company
Woolmen’s Company
World Traders’ Company

Guilds & Companies Without Livery

Company of Public Relations Practitioners
Guild of Entrepreneurs
Guild of Human Resources Professionals
Guild of Nurses
Guild of Freemen of the City of London
Guildable Manor of Southwark
Guild of Young Freemen
Guild of Beadles
Guild of Mercers’ Scholars
Guild of Investment Managers

Ward Clubs

Aldersgate Ward Club
Aldgate Ward Club
Bassishaw Ward Club
Billingsgate Ward Club
Bishopsgate Ward Club
Bread Street Ward Club
Bridge Ward Club
Broad Street Ward Club
Candlewick Ward Club
Castle Baynard Ward Club
Castle Baynard Ward Club
Ward of Cheap Club
Coleman Street Ward Club
Cordwainer Ward Club
Cripplegate Ward Club
Vintry & Dowgate Ward Club
Farringdon Ward Club
Langbourn Ward Club
Lime Street & Cornhill Ward Club
Portsoken Ward Club
Queenhithe Ward Club
Tower Ward Club
Walbrook Ward Club

Other City Clubs & Associations

City Livery Yacht Club
Guildhall Club
Little Ship Club
City Pickwick Club
Royal Society of Saint George – City of London Branch
United Wards’ Club
City of London Historical Society
City Consorts Society

Other City Organizations

City Corporation Meetings

Other UK Guilds

Brigantes Liverymen in the North
Merchant Venturers of Bristol
Merchants of the City of Edinburgh
Weavers, Fullers and Shearmen of Exeter
Trades House of Glasgow
Cutlers in Hallamshire
Shrewsbury Drapers
Merchants of the Staple of England
Livery Company of Wales
Worcester Clothiers Company
Cordwainers of the City of York
Merchant Adventurers of the City of York
Merchant Taylors of the City of York

Other City Events

  • Funzing. There are a wide variety of walks and tours related to the City of London described at Funzing’s website. We don’t include these in our calendar, because we don’t have any information about their quality

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