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From Other Parts of CityofLondonist …. ‘Tis Time to Revoke Admission by Patrimony

Whites Shall Feast
And Who Shall Serve?

Modern guilds tend to have a highly diverse membership. This is not so, however, of the old guilds, whose membership is almost exclusively white. At members’ banquets it is for whites to feast, it is for non-whites to serve. This discrimination is clearly out of kilter with modern London.

It’s not that guild members are racist. They are typical of Londoners today, generally of liberal sentiment, and are people who, when they reflect on the racial mix, tend to feel uncomfortable with it.

Medieval rules of admission are the villain of the story, and in particular admission by patrimony. We argue that it is in the interests of the old guilds themselves, as well as the interests of fairness, social justice and diversity, to revoke admission by patrimony, or at least severely prune it.

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