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Vintners’ Court, 2000: Gentlemen, gentlemen every where, nor any woman, nor black face, nor ordinary Londoner, to be seen. However, diversity is improving all the time

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Pick of Events of Special Interest to Guilds, Next 7 Days

Lord Mayor’s River Progress on Saturday
  • Fri, Sep 27, noon. Admission of Sheriffs, Guildhall
  • Sat Sep 28, 1.30pm-4pm. Lord Mayor’s River Progress. LM escorts the next LM and newly elected Sheriffs to The City aboard the Queen’s Row Barge ‘Gloriana’. Key times:
    * 12pm: Start @ HMS President
    * 3pm: QRB depart LFB moorings
    * 3.45pm: QRB arrives @ Tower Bridge (open to salute)
    * 4pm: End @ HMS President
    See here for more details
  • Sunday, Sep 29. Woolmen’s sheep drive over London Bridge. No, freemen are not allowed to do that to sheep … bookings here
  • Wednesday, Oct 2, noon. Liverymen elect Lord Mayor. Tickets required, available for guild liverymen from their Clerk. See also our review Electing the Lord Mayor: Stunning pageantry, flawed democracy
… and plenty of pageantry at the election of the Lord Mayor, next Wednesday

To see all events of special interest to members of guilds, see the Guilds Special Interest calendar at our website. For more specialized calendars, click the corresponding link:


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