Beta Test: Overview of Process

Day 1-6. Set Up Beta Test

  • Day 1. David emails about 60 personal contacts, asking them if they’d like to be a beta tester
    • They can reply on the spot, with a yes or no
    • Alternatively, they can review material on the CityOfLondonist website describing the beta test. And then make their decision
    • Alternatively, they can attend online webinars on Day 2 and 3 in which David explain the project and the beta test, and answer questions. And then make their decision
  • Most testers will be interested in The City of London/”Square Mile”. Some will also have marketing skills and website development skills
  • Testers agree to spend 2-4 hours on beta testing over two weeks, and complete an online survey form in which they provide feedback
    • If the tester is not a member of a City of London guild, then for purposes of the test, they imagine themselves to be one: They enjoy being a member of the guild and participating in its dinners and other social functions
    • They like although don’t necessarily know much about, the picturesque old traditions of The City
Day 7-21, Two-Week Beta Test
  • The test starts for everyone as follows: a fellow guild member they know forwards a CityOfLondonist newsletter to them, along with a message like “I just signed up for this newsletter, and thought you might to get it as well. If you want to subscribe, you can sign up here (link) or at the foot of the newsletter”
  • The tester then looks at the newsletter, and pokes around the associated website. This probably takes place over several sessions, when the tester is so minded
  • During each session, the tester can, if they wish, enter information into the online beta test survey form. During or after the session, testers may also wish to takes notes for later reference
After The Test. Day 22 to 34
  • Within 3 days of the end of the test, testers complete the online survey form. If they wish they can attach their notes to the form
  • 10 days after the end of the beta test, David holds another online meeting, where he summarizes and discusses the advice conveyed by testers, and the decisions made as a result. If testers wish to attend this, they are most welcome; but attendance is optional for those with schedule conflicts. A recording will be made available online
  • We anticipate a period of perhaps two months in which the testers’ recommendations are implemented. After this, the project will be publicly launched

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