Tester Responsibilities

This is what’s involved for you as a beta tester.

Prior to Test

  • Optionally, you can attend a short webinar in which David introduces the CityOfLondonist project and its website
  • You will not at this time have access to the CityOfLondonist website

2-4 Hours of Testing, Spread Over 2 Weeks

  • You will be assigned one of the following use cases:
    • A friend has passed on a newsletter to you, suggesting it might be of interest. As a result, you investigate the website and find topics of interest to you, and want to start posting comments on published material
    • You’ve learned somewhere that a group called CityOfLondonist wrote an interesting piece on how the way people are allowed to become members of guilds should be changed. You want to find this article and read it. Then when you’re reading it, you find that website visitors are making interesting comments, and you want to join in the discussion
    • You’ve learned somewhere that there’s a webinar in two weeks’ time about how to improve charity-giving in The City. A Google search takes you to the CityOfLondonist website, and you sign up for the webinar and learn about the CityOfLondonist project
    • The Lord Mayor is hosting a charity event relating to diversity sometime this summer, and you want to get the details and then attend. You’re told the CityOfLondonist website is likely to be able to help, so you visit it to get the information you need.
  • As you work on your use case task, you’ll be asked to complete an online survey which asks relevant questions, such as How easy or hard was it for you to complete your use case? What could we do to make the task easier?
  • After you’ve completed your use case task, we ask you to dip in and out of the website, when you’re in the mood and have the time. As you go in and out as form impressions, we’ll ask you to complete appropriate parts of the online survey. As ideas occur to you, please enter them into the survey: don’t leave them until the end because you’ll forget many of your earlier observations. You can edit anything you enter into the survey, at any time, until you finally hit the Submit button at the end of the test
  • You can also provide feedback on things like typos and errors by clicking a Something’s Not Right button that’s at the foot of every web page
  • If you wish, you can also make notes as you go along, eg in a Word document, and then attach the notes to your survey when you submit it

Post-Test Reporting

  • David will then gather all the advice and produce a written summary. He’ll email you this.
  • David will also hold an online meeting in which he presents the findings and discusses then with beta testers. Your attendance at this is optional, although we’ll be delighted if you attend because that will enhance the discussion

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