We are seeking help from volunteers in the following capacities:

  • Discussion Moderators. Responsibilities include granting and revoking membership, keeping discussions on topic and of suitable quality, ensuring civil debate between those of differing opinions
  • News Editor. Select and prepare news items for our weekly digests. You will develop an extremely rare, and very broad, understanding of what’s happening in the City. Plus it’s fascinating, and fun. About eight hours/week
  • Events Editor. Maintain our events calendars, and make them the place to go for authoritative and current information about what’s on in the City. About four hours/week
  • Copy Editor. Check all materials prior to publication for grammatical and factual correctness, and consistency with house style. About three hours/week.
  • Layout Editor. Check all materials have a consistent look and feel, and are ready for publication (eg, illustrations are of appropriate size). About four hours/week
  • Help Desk. Help people new to CityOfLondonist by email, phone, and video. A wide range of issues including resolving login and profile problems, explaining how to participate in group discussions, escalating issues to technical staff and others when necessary
  • Researcher. Conduct original research, help organize conferences and speakers, write/contribute to our research papers and presentations

Let David Ferris (david.ferris@cityoflondonist.org.uk) know if you’re interested-we’d love to hear from you.

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