David Ferris, Freeman & Liveryman; Project Lead

David (R) at Vintners’ Hall, at the funeral gathering for his mother. Here he educates his son on a Vintner’s duties. If Nicholas joins the company, he’ll be the sixth generation of the family to do so

David Ferris has had a strong interest in the City of London and its traditions since boyhood. As a teenager, he worked in his family’s wine bar in the City (The Capataz, on Old Broad Street); he was proud that it was one of the last to exercise the Vintners’ privilege whereby a trader could sell wines without a license. At 21 he joined the Worshipful Company of Vintners as an apprentice, the fifth generation of his family to do so.

Instead of entering the wine trade, however, he was diverted to academia by a post-graduate scholarship to Stanford University, California, with a view to being a professional philosopher. After AI research, and a subsequent further diversion running a high-tech research firm in Silicon Valley, he returned to active involvement with the Vintners Company in 2000, being made a liveryman shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, he fell out with the Vintners’ then-Clerk , and it appears this may have been a major factor in his being suspended from the Company in 2012.1

David has spent many hours at the Guildhall Library and the London Metropolitan Archives conducting original research into London’s guilds. Since 2001, his interests have included ways of securing the future of the guilds and The City, in particular:

  • Increasing charitable donations and public good works
  • Adopting business-like approaches to charitable donations
  • Increasing openness, transparency, and accountability to encourage good governance
  • Improving diversity, in particular by revoking guild admission by patrimony

David takes informal snaps and videos at City events, and often uses them to illustrate his writings. He hopes readers will tolerate their poor quality in the light of their, ahem, ingenuousness and authenticity.

Marshall Reyher, IT Systems Design & Implementation

Marshall Reyher
Marshall standing in a field in rural Poland on a winter day, pretending it’s not cold.

Marshall Reyher is a digital nomad who is currently in Europe. He designs WordPress websites optimized for SEO, speed and security for clients large and small. In addition, he provides ongoing support and maintenance.

He has worked for a fine art photography publisher where he retouched a wide array of images from world-renowned collections, including Time LIFE, The Associated Press, George Eastman House, The National Archives of the United States and more.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, learning, traveling, exercising, photography, and more.


Vikas Yadav, Web Developer</h4

Vikas standing in Golconda fort Hyderabad, India on a Sunny day.

Vikas Yadav have 6+ yrs. of experience in Website Designing and and Web Development.I’ve gained experience in analysis, design and development of various websites, web applications and desktop applications.I’ve been working extensively in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery/JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

In addition, he worked extensively worked on open sources like WordPress CodeIgniter, and Modle.

Vikas designed themes & written modules, developed plugins and customized Worked on development of many different websites in various fields like social networking, blogs, eCommerce, real estates etc. using core PHP WordPress Knowledge:

In his spare time, he enjoys Playing Cricket,  exercising, reading Novel & gardening.

  1. His suspension is apparently unique in 1,000 years of London guild history. For a summary of what happened, see here

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