Wolf of Wall Street: Immersive Theatre in Moorgate

Entertaining, to 19 Jan 2020


The protagonist, an engaging but unscrupulous Jordan Belfort, ripe for banging up
  • Entertaining story of an utterly unscrupulous stockbroker who gets banged up the authorities for mis-selling stocks, along the way living the high life
  • Immersive theatre, where each scene is set in a specific room of a large building. The cast mingles and interacts with the audience as the scene is performed
  • Takes place in many rooms spread between 5-15 Sun Street London EC2M 2PT
  • Daily except Mondays and selected other days until 19 Jan 2020
  • Doors open 6.30pm; performance from 7.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Full bar available throughout, also tasty, inexpensive boxed food
  • Details and tickets here
5-15 Sun Street. Not obvious that these Georgian buildings are a theatre of many stages


  • See this if you haven’t experienced immersive theatre before. It is a remarkable new development of the thespian art, and Wolf of Wall Street is a finely crafted example of the genre
  • Go if you seek fun and entertainment here in The City. Theatre outside the Barbican is rare
  • Consider dining at the venue. From opening, and during the breaks, tasty and inexpensive boxed food is available. It’s fun to eat among the sets and your fellow audience members
  • Expect to enjoy mingling with other members of the audience, during the breaks and as you move from room to room


  • Don’t go when tired. The performance goes from 7.30am to 10.30am, and you’ll have to stand and walk about for a fair proportion of that time
  • Don’t go if you expect this to be cutting-edge immersive theatre. Wolf of Wall Street is very competently produced; in the way, say, that most West End theatre is extremely competently produced. But this is not immersive theatre of the order Punchdrunk’s Faust and You-Me-Bum-Bum-Train–which are unforgettable, remarkably innovative, and profoundly moving
  • Don’t grope the actors. Because it’s immersive theatre, and the boundaries between actor and audience member are less clearly define, it’s possible to act inappropriately

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